“Please take good care of my sister”. A surprise gift from Na Yoon Jeong and Park Ji Hyun for Kim Jong Un

Na Yoon-jung and Park Ji-hyun have a surprise for their former teammate Kim Jong-un.

The first-round matchup between Asan Woori Bank and Bucheon Hana OneQ in the Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball League was held at Bucheon Gymnasium on September 9. Before the game, Na Yoon-jeong and Park Ji-hyun were busy with a large box of cookies, which they distributed to on-site officials, Hana Won Q players, and fans. They dedicated the box to their former teammate Kim Jong-un, who joined Hana OneQ in the offseason.

Kim is the epitome of a veteran player, with not only skill but also leadership. Na Yoon-jeong and Park Ji-hyun also relied heavily on her as rookies. But when Kim became a free agent and chose to join Hana OneQ instead of staying with Woori Bank, they became enemies on the court.

In response, Na Yoon-jung and Park Ji-hyun presented cookies to Hana OneQ officials, players, and fans as a gesture of good wishes for Kim. The cookies featured their photos and the words, “Please take care of our big sister Jung Eun! -Dang Daeng-i and Nadal-” on the cookies. Dangdang is Park Ji-hyun’s nickname and Nadal is Na Yoon-jung’s nickname. Park Ji-hyun and Na Yoon-jung’s surprise was a surprise that Kim Jong-un had no idea about.

Na said, “Since I came to the pros and was a rookie, (Kim) lived with my sister. It’s the first time I’ve faced her as an opponent. That’s why it felt weird. I thought about what I could do for her since she switched teams, so I started preparing with (Park) Ji-hyun. We made cookies, stickers, and everything else together,” she said, explaining the reason for the gift.레모나토토

Park added, “Jung is very close to my sister. It was the home opener of Hana Won Q, so we prepared it as a way of saying good luck to her. I thought it would be better to give a gift to the Hana One Q fans rather than my sister.”

Although the atmosphere before the game was warm, the players did their best to help their team win on the court. Park Ji-hyun (21 points, 12 rebounds, and eight assists) and Na Yoon-jung (11 points, two three-pointers, and two rebounds) led Woori Bank to a 57-53 victory with impressive performances. Kim Jong-un shined in defeat with 13 points, four rebounds and two assists. After the game, she hugged and greeted each of the Woori players.

Na Yun-jeong said, “Jung-eun is special to Ji-hyun and me beyond words. She is a big sister and senior who we relied on a lot. Even though we’re on different teams now, I hope she doesn’t get hurt for the rest of her career, and I hope she plays happy basketball,” she said, adding a word of encouragement for Kim.

Park Ji-hyun added, “We will be enemies on the court like today (Sept. 9), but me, Yoon Jung, and all the players of Woori Bank are very supportive of Jung Eun. I always learn a lot from watching her. I hope she can finish this season without any injuries.”

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