50-year-old Ichiro hits a 130-meter home run in the school classroom window ‘Park Sal’

Something out of a movie recently happened at Asahikawa Higashi High School in Hokkaido, Japan, MLB.com reported today.

According to MLB.com, Ichiro, who is 50 years old, recently visited the high school to teach the baseball players basic drills and give them advice on how to become better baseball players.굿모닝토토 도메인

Ichiro has been doing this across Japan for the past few years, and his hope is that the Asahikawa Higashi team will make it to the Summer Koshien, Japan’s premier high school tournament, for the first time.

Ichiro took 63 swings while teaching hitting skills, until one ball cleared the 26-foot netting that protects the school building and shattered a classroom window. It was a huge home run, over 130 meters.

MLB.com reported that Ichiro had a look on his face that suggested he could be detained for “vandalism.

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