Suwon and Gangwon, one of the two teams will advance to the second division… Relegation battle more interesting than championship

Last place Suwon has 25 points, 11th place Gangwon 26… The last place team will be directly relegated and
face a cruel match in the final match on December 2nd.

Reporter Jaesang Lee = Suwon Samsung, formerly known as a famous soccer team, and Gangwon FC, which withstood several relegation crises. There is a growing possibility that one of the two teams will not be seen in the first division of the professional soccer K-League next year.

In the 2023 season K-League 1, the relegation war is as fierce as the competition for the championship. Since the lowest ranked team in K League 1 will be relegated to Direct Division 2 (K League 2), a fierce battle is expected to unfold until the end of the season.

As of the 27th, there are four teams likely to be relegated in K League 1 Final B: 9th place Jeju (38 points), 10th place Suwon FC (32 points), 11th place Gangwon (26 points), and 12th place Suwon (25 points). am.

The 12th place team in K League 1 will be directly relegated to Division 2, and the 10th and 11th place teams will have to play a promotion playoff against a K League 2 team. Up to three teams may fall into Division 2.

The concern of many fans is which team will finish last. There are now only 4 games left until the end of the league.

Suwon, once considered a prestigious K-League team, is having a shameful 2023. This year alone, the third head coach is leading the team. Due to poor performance, coaches Lee Byeong-geun and Kim Byeong-soo were dismissed, and acting coach Ki-hoon Yeom, a former team legend, is currently leading the team.

Suwon, which ranked 10th last year and remained after a fierce battle with FC Anyang in the relegation playoffs, is having a tougher time than last year.

They seemed to be rebounding by beating the Pohang Steelers 1-0 on the 8th, but the momentum came to a halt with a 0-2 defeat against Jeju on the 22nd. Suwon supporters, who are famous for their enthusiasm, also have loud voices of criticism towards the club.

Suwon has four games remaining against Daejeon (29th), Suwon FC (November 12th), Seoul (November 25th), and Gangwon (December 2nd). This is a match that no one can give up on.

In particular, the ‘super match’ against Seoul in November and the final game of the season against Gangwon are expected to be close matches.

Many fans are paying attention to whether Suwon, which has won the league four times, the FA Cup five times, and the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) twice since its founding in 1995, may be relegated to the second division due to its continued decline.

The flow in Gangwon is not as good as in Suwon.

Gangwon, which is in 11th place with only one point behind Suwon, fired coach Choi Yong-soo during the season and brought in coach Yoon Jeong-hwan, but the results are still insufficient.

Coach Yoon Jeong-hwan has only 2 wins (8 draws, 6 losses) in 16 league games since taking office.

Gangwon is suffering from a serious lack of balls, scoring only 26 goals (40 goals) during 34 games this year. However, this does not mean that we play attack-oriented soccer. Gangwon has scored multiple goals or more only twice since coach Yoon Jeong-hwan took office. Coincidentally, they won both games.짱구카지노 주소

It has become important to see how much the most sluggish attack power in K League 1 can be improved.

Gangwon, founded in 2008, was relegated to the second division once in the 2013 season, and went through the promotion playoffs in 2016 before moving up to the first division in 2017.

Coach Choi Yong-soo was appointed ahead of the promotion playoffs in the 2021 season and managed to survive, but the darkness of relegation is looming this year. Starting with the game against Jeju (28th), Gangwon will play the final match against Daejeon (November 11th), Suwon FC (November 25th), and Suwon (December 2nd).

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