Thiago’s equalizer is confirmed to remain in Daejeon Hana K League 1

 Daejeon Hana Citizen 1-1 Suwon FC Daejeon

Hana Citizen, who returned to the first division K League 1 after 8 years, will be able to compete in the first division next season as well. Super sub Thiago came on as a substitute in the second half and scored Cheongeum’s equalizer after 9 minutes and 8 seconds, delighting the 9,474 home fans who came to Daejeon World Cup Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Daejeon Hana Citizen, led by coach Lee Min-seong, drew the home game against Suwon FC in the 2023 K League 1 Final B held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium 1-1 at 4:40 pm on the 22nd, and will be ranked at least 9th regardless of the results of the remaining four games. was able to remain in the first division.

Thiago’s amazing line breaking

The result of this game was more desperate for away team Suwon FC. This is because in the Seogwipo game that ended first, 9th place Jeju United beat last place team Suwon Bluewings 2-0, widening the point gap slightly. 

Suwon FC, who had a long way to go, scored first in the first half and struggled to avoid being pushed into the promotion play-offs. After receiving Lee Young-jae’s measured cross, long-legged goaltender Kim Hyun scored a header at 32 minutes and 34 seconds. 

Just before the end of the first half, Suwon FC’s Yoon Bit-garam attempted to score an additional goal with a decisive right-footed turning shot right in front of the goal, but it ended up being a disappointment as it failed to penetrate the home team’s goalkeeper Lee Chang-geun. 

This is because super sub Thiago of the home team Daejeon Hana Citizen came on as a substitute in the second half and scored the equalizer (61 minutes and 30 seconds) in 9 minutes and 8 seconds. It was a moment when Thiago’s line-breaking skills shined as he accurately read the trajectory of Kim In-gyun’s left-footed early cross and went for it. Suwon FC defenders Hugo Gomes and Shinsegae raised their arms and claimed offside, but Thiago’s movement at the moment of sinking was a perfect onside.

Thiago, who scored such a valuable equalizer, had the opportunity to score a comeback goal in the 81st minute by attempting a quick right-foot toe kick, aiming for the second ball close to the goal, but it narrowly missed the right side of the goal.

With this valuable equalizer, Thiago rose to the joint lead in scoring (15 goals, 0.47 goals per game) alongside Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan Hyundai), creating another interesting competitive structure at the end of the season.

Daejeon Hana Citizen firmly maintained its position in 8th place (46 points) with the 1 point gained from this game, and regardless of the results of the remaining four games, it can be above the current 10th place Suwon FC (32 points), so it has been promoted to the first division for the first time in a long time. The difficult task of remaining in the first division has been solved.카지노사이트

The final 12th place in the 2023 K League 1 will be directly relegated to K League 2 next season, the 11th place will play the 2023 K League 2 2nd place team, and the 10th place will play the promotion playoffs with the 3rd to 5th place K League 2 playoff winning team. You must accept the fate you have to face.

Now, Daejeon Hana Citizen will travel to Big Bird to meet last-place Suwon Bluewings, who are facing a risk of relegation, at 2 p.m. on the 29th, and 10th-place Suwon FC will also face FC Seoul, which is solidifying its 7th place, at 4:30 on the same day. Called to the park.

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