‘Quotes Master’ NC Captain Son Ah-seop “I’m running out of comments”

“They’ve been making me do it since the end of the season… “

Autumn deepens in professional baseball NC. After defeating Doosan in the wild card game, the team continues to cruise even after moving to Incheon. SSG took the advantageous position by capturing the first game of the semi-playoffs (semi-PO, best of 5). I have no intention of stopping. The momentum seems to be heading towards an upset like this.

‘Captain’ Son Ah-seop also has a smile on his face. As the captain of the Dinosaur Corps, he leads NC, one of the best ‘young teams’ in the league. He said, “As the most senior person, I try to show a relaxed side. “Otherwise, the juniors may become agitated,” he said, expressing his feelings about playing fall baseball.먹튀검증

This is why separate team meetings are also avoided. However, there is just one time when his sincerity touches you. Just before the play ball is called, it is time for the players to gather in front of the dugout and pledge to do well. His ‘famous words’, which became a hot topic during the regular season, are continuing into the fall.

In the wild card match, he encouraged the players by saying, “We have nothing to lose anyway” and “Let’s go make money, let’s go get bonuses.” In the first round of Jun-PO, he showed off his brilliant remarks such as “The energy of the universe has come to us” and “Believe in yourself and enjoy from today.”

Attention is focused on what he will say ahead of the second match of Jun-PO. He said, “Originally, we took turns during the regular season, but from the end of the season, they kept asking me to do it. “That’s why I ran out of comments,” he said, laughing cheerfully. He said, ‘If you get tired, you lose,’ which he said during the season. But if you go crazy, you win. Regarding the expectations of the famous saying, “Today we are going crazy,” he said, “I plan to use that again at least once. I’m looking at the timing. “I didn’t have anything to do, but it turned out well,” he said, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

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