‘Yang Hee-jong, Oh Se-geun, Byun Jun-hyung, and Han Seung-hee also together’ Cheong Kwan-jang holds the championship ring award ceremony at the opening game

 The championship ring was presented to Cheong Kwan-jang, who achieved the combined championship last season.

Anyang CheongKwanJang had its best year since its founding last season. From the opening game to the last day of the regular season, they did not lose first place and won wire-to-wire. Additionally, they rose to the top of East Asia by winning the EASL (East Asian Super League) Champions Week. In the championship game, they defeated Seoul SK and won their 4th championship cup.

A match between Cheong Kwan Jang and Seoul SK in the opening game of the 2023-2024 Cheong Kwan Jang professional basketball held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 21st. A special event was held before the game. The championship ring was awarded to Cheong Kwan-Jang, who won the overall championship last season. Director Lee Jong-rim of Jeonggwanjang personally placed a championship ring on each member of the team.

Familiar faces were present at the championship ring presentation ceremony. The main characters are Yang Hee-jong, who retired from active duty at the end of last season, Oh Se-geun, who started a new home at SK, and Byun Jun-hyung and Han Seung-hee, who are serving in the military at Sangmu.

First of all, Yang Hee-jong is a player who is like the symbol of Jeong Kwan-jang. In 2007, he joined KT&G, the predecessor of Cheong Gwan-jang, and guarded Anyang for 17 years. Director Cheong designated his number 11 as the club’s first number to be permanently retired. Yang Hee-jong is scheduled to leave for leadership training in the United States on the 22nd.카지노사이트

Oh Se-geun received the loudest cheers from Anyang fans. Oh Se-geun led the way in Cheong Kwan-Jang’s victory last season and won the MVP award in the championship game. After becoming eligible as a free agent (FA) after the season, he chose to transfer to SK. Oh Se-geun greeted his old colleagues whom he met after a long time. Director Jeong gave him a championship ring and a bouquet of flowers, cheering him on in his future basketball career.

Byun Jun-hyung and Han Seung-hee wore combat uniforms and participated in the championship ring presentation ceremony. He won a gold medal at the recently concluded 104th National Sports Festival and visited Anyang Gymnasium during his vacation. They are expected to return to the team early next season.

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