“Use English, you new bastard” Tottenham’s vice-captain is clumsy… Because the atmosphere is good, “It’s so funny” Full of laughter

 Tottenham vice-captain James Maddison (26) ‘encouraged’ Pedro Foro (24) to use English.

On the 20th (Korean time), Madison posted a plainclothes fashion photo on her social media (SNS) with the message, “I’m back to Tottenham.” Maddison, who was recently selected for the England national team and played an A match, returns to his team Tottenham and prepares for the English Premier League (EPL) schedule again.

Maddison went to work at Tottenham training ground wearing a white knit and khaki pants. He held a pouch in his right hand and wore a yellow hat. The captive left a comment to Madison, who appeared in a fashion that seemed either put on or off.

“Buen pijama para dormir,” the Spanish national defender Pow wrote in Spanish. In Korean, it means “pajama pajamas that are good to wear while sleeping.” A sleepy-face emoji was also added after the comment. He pointed out that Madison’s work fashion looked like pajamas.

Madison replied, “Speak English motherf*cker.” Although it contains profanity, it is a comment that conveys affection. Tottenham fans who saw this laughed brightly, saying, “It’s so funny.” This shows how good the atmosphere at Tottenham is.

Maddison is an attacking midfielder who transferred from Leicester City to Tottenham ahead of the opening of the 2023-24 season. When Harry Kane (30) transferred to Bayern Munich in Germany, Tottenham handed Kane’s number 10 jersey to Maddison. He was appointed vice-captain at the same time. There were such great expectations.

He lived up to expectations. Maddison has appeared in all 8 EPL games played to date, scoring 2 goals and 5 assists. He is first in the assist rankings. Maddison recorded two assists in the last away game against Arsenal, both of which were passes to Son Heung-min. Tottenham was able to draw 2-2 on this day with Son Heung-min scoring two goals and Maddison providing two assists.

Tottenham has never lost in the EPL this season. They are in first place with 6 wins and 2 draws in the previous 8 games. Arsenal, in second place, also had no losses, but fell behind in scoring in second place. Two North London teams are undefeated and competing for the top spot. Manchester City and Liverpool are chasing just below.

Tottenham, with key players such as Maddison and Son Heung-min returning from international matches, will play the 9th round of the EPL against Fulham at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 24th. An away game against Crystal Palace is scheduled for the 28th. It is a schedule that is expected to see whether Tottenham can extend its undefeated streak in the EPL to 9 or 10 games.카지노사이트

Among the TOP 4 teams, Tottenham’s schedule is the most advantageous. Tottenham will not participate in UEFA competitions this season. Arsenal and Manchester City participate in the UEFA Champions League, and Liverpool participates in the UEFA Europa League, so they have to travel to away games throughout Europe during the week. There is also a risk of injury. However, Tottenham can comfortably train in London during the week and then focus on the EPL game on the weekend.

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