The value and influence of Son Heung-min, who created the fan signing venue

After the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese players waited and asked for autographs,
providing good motivation to the Asian players.

‘World Class’ Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham) is establishing himself as an icon of Asian soccer beyond Korean soccer.

Son Heung-min recently returned to Korea to play in the international match in October and started and played full-time in the international match against Vietnam held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th.

In fact, Son Heung-min has not been in very good shape recently. Nevertheless, regarding the reason why he played full-time, Son Heung-min said, “I came to Korea and I cannot allow myself not to play in front of the fans.”

Through Son Heung-min, his national team colleagues as well as promising soccer players who are growing up watching him are learning ‘dedication’ and ‘responsibility’.

Here is not the end. After the Vietnam War ended, a rarely seen scene occurred. The national team players, who won 6-0, responded to the cheers of the crowd by walking around the stadium after the final whistle, and Son Heung-min also did not forget to provide fan service.

When he finished interacting with the fans and approached the headquarters, the group waiting for him was none other than the Vietnamese players he had played with.

Among them, Vietnam captain and most popular star Queu Ngoc Hai (30, Binh Duong), who had been absent as a deputy, was the first to approach Son Heung-min and ask for a photo and autograph. Son Heung-min was not the one to refuse this. Queu Ngoc Hai, who experienced the greatest joy of his soccer life, posted a proof shot on his SNS with the response “Woww Sonny.”

Following Queu Ngoc Hai, many Vietnamese players asked for Son Heung-min’s autograph, and even coaches had a meaningful time asking for photos.

Vietnam is still classified as a weak soccer team, but it is one of the countries whose skills are improving the most recently and the popularity of soccer in the country is enormous, so it has a lot of potential.토토사이트

To them, Son Heung-min, who shows off his best skills on the world’s best stage, is truly a ‘super-skill’ and a god of soccer. That’s because there is no player in Asian soccer who has achieved this level of skill and achievement so far. So the Vietnamese players waited for Son Heung-min for a long time after the game ended.

Son Heung-min provided great inspiration and motivation to Vietnamese players with just his presence. This can be a great stimulus to Vietnam’s active players as well as young players who are growing up watching them. At the same time, when Vietnamese soccer develops or world-class players emerge in the future, we can expect people to say, “I grew up watching Son Heung-min.” Asian soccer is also developing under the influence of Son Heung-min.

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