“You have to bring out the word Miracle”… KBO’s first WC ‘upset’ challenge in history, ‘Jung Ga-young’ Jeong Soo-bin’s pledge

“I think I need to bring up the word ‘miracle’ again.”

Doosan Bears Soo-bin Su will play an away match against NC Dinos in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League postseason wild card (WC) decision game held at Changwon NC Park on the 19th. Previously, he pledged to win.

Jeong Soo-bin played in 137 games this year, shaking off the disappointment of last season by playing with 143 hits, 2 home runs, 33 RBIs, 75 runs, 39 stolen bases, and a batting average of 0.287 with an OPS of 0.746. In particular, Jeong Soo-bin stole the base a whopping 39 times based on his quick feet, which was his advantage, and beat Shin Min-jae of the LG Twins to win the title of ‘Great Sword’. Based on Su-bin Jeong’s good performance, Doosan was able to return to the postseason stage for the first time in two years.

Jeong Soo-bin, who met with reporters before the first game of the wild card game on the 19th, said, “There were many players who were good at hitting, so there were not many signs about stealing bases, but this year, it was an atmosphere where you had to run a lot. And while continuing to bat first, he also got on base. “I had the thought that I should run a lot. At first, I set my goal as 30, but the difference from first place was not that big, so I got greedy,” he said, expressing his feelings about winning the title.

Jeong Soo-bin has a particularly deep connection with autumn. Because she literally flies up in the fall, she is nicknamed ‘Jung Soo-bin is the hero of the fall (Jeong Ga-young).’ Until the game on the 19th, Soo-bin Soo’s career postseason performance was 82 hits, 4 home runs, 32 RBIs, 50 runs, 11 stolen bases, and a batting average of 0.296 and OPS of 0.792 in 78 games.

In response to the word ‘Jung Ga-young’, Su-bin Jeong said, “In some ways, it could end with just one game today. Since there is no next game, I think I will have to pour in a lot in the beginning. However, it is not easy to be able to show in the first game. All the players on the team must concentrate. “I hope I can do it,” he said, adding, “I feel pressured because whether or not I have another opportunity depends on today’s game. But I think if I work hard like I always do, I will have a good opportunity.”먹튀검증

Last year, Doosan suffered the humiliation of finishing in 9th place for the first time since its founding. Doosan players, who were busy preparing for the postseason every fall, had poor results, so Doosan, which had been on the Korean Series (KS) stage for the past seven years, held a ‘final camp’ for the first time in a long time. There were bound to be voices of disappointment within the team.

Jeong Soo-bin said, “Last year, unfortunately, we were in the bottom half of the rankings, so we couldn’t play fall baseball. And after taking a year off, we were able to play fall baseball this year, but it would have been nice if we had advanced to 3rd or 4th place, but unfortunately, we finished in 5th place. There are new players, too, but “Because our team has a lot of experience, I think we need to believe in this and bring up the word ‘Miracle’ again,” he said emphatically.

Doosan has good memories of finishing the season in 4th place in 2021 and reaching the Korean Series starting with the wild card game. Doosan used to climb to the highest point even if it started from the bottom. He clenched his fists as hard as he could, saying, “I always remember going up from the bottom a lot, so I think today’s game is the same. I’m thinking of going up from the bottom like I used to do.”

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