‘Saldink’ director Park Hang-seo attends the Vietnam War as an encourager and reunites with his students

From 2017 to January of this year, he
was revered as a Vietnamese soccer hero.

 Reporter Kim Jin-yeop = Former Vietnam national soccer team coach Park Hang-seo, known as ‘Rice Dink’, appeared as an encourager in the friendly match between Klinsmann and Vietnam.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, is playing the second international match of October against Vietnam at Suwon World Cup Stadium from 8 p.m. on the 17th.

Klinsmann, who achieved his first consecutive win since taking office in the game against Tunisia on the 13th, will attempt his third consecutive win in today’s game.

Before the game started that day, former Vietnam coach Park participated as an encourager along with Korea Football Association President Chung Mong-gyu and encouraged the players by shaking their hands. Former coach Park even expressed his happiness to some Vietnamese players by touching their faces. He also smiled and exchanged greetings with his junior soccer players, Korean players.

According to the Korea Football Association, former coach Park is the first to encourage players from the foreign national team he previously coached at an A-match event held in Korea.

Former coach Park served as the coach of the Vietnam adult national team and the U-23 national team from 2017 to January of this year, and achieved the best ever results in various international competitions, earning him the nickname Vietnam’s Hiddink, the so-called ‘Saldink’.

He was revered as a Vietnamese soccer hero as he led the team to advance to the semifinals of the Asian Games for the first time in history (2018), win the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games soccer title twice in a row (2019, 2022), and advance to the final qualifying round for the first time in the World Cup.먹튀검증

He appears to have been a great motivation for the Vietnamese team.

At the pre-official press conference held a day before the game, Vietnam national team defender Do Duy Man (Hanoi) expressed his welcome, saying, “Former coach Park’s visit is good news for the Vietnamese players and a factor that will boost their morale.”

However, he also expressed his will to play a good game, saying, “Apart from that, the players prepared various tactics and strategies for the Korean game. We will focus and try to achieve the best result.”

Meanwhile, today’s game is being played with a full crowd.

Previously, the Korea Football Association announced, “We would like to inform you that tickets for the match between Korea and Vietnam were sold out at 2 PM today. The total number of seats at Suwon World Cup Stadium is approximately 41,000.”

He continued, “With this, except for the match against Lebanon in the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup final qualifier in September 2021, which was held without spectators due to COVID-19, the match against Chile in September 2018, the match against Paraguay in June 2022, and the match against Vietnam today until today. “The national team games held at Suwon World Cup Stadium were sold out three times in a row,” he added.

This is the first friendly match between Korea and Vietnam in 19 years since 2004. Also, it has been 59 years since 1965 that Vietnam visited Korea for a friendly match.

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