Soccer Jung Woo-young “ate at a restaurant with Japanese players with gold around their necks” Tonghyeon

Reporter Kim Hak-jin = Striker Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart), who led the Korean men’s soccer team to its third consecutive gold medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, has once again delighted the nation by sharing an anecdote right after the Korea-Japan final.

On Nov. 11, the YouTube channel KFATV Korea National Football Team released an interview with the Asian Games team member.

“I just came back with a medal,” he said, showing off his gold medal as he held it up.

“I just got back with the medal,” he said, proudly holding it up. “I just got back with the medal.” He explained that the so-called “clock ceremony” he performed after his goal meant that he was able to remind himself to stay calm.

At the time, he said, he and the other players realized that if they stayed calm, they would win the game, and they were able to push themselves harder in the second half.

Even when the final whistle blew, Jung said he didn’t realize he had won the gold medal. “Some players actually slapped their cheeks. Hong Hyun-seok was one of them, and he has a funny personality,” he added.

When asked about his funniest anecdote from the athletes’ village, Jung said, “The one I remember the most was after the last game, when we were the only ones in the village with Japan, and we had a meal together after the game.”토토사이트

“We had won the gold medal and we were eating. Japan sat still and ate next to us. I ate three bites of rice. It really went in,” he said with a laugh.

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