‘Veteran’ Kim Tae-hwan still has eyes for Taekwondo “Waiting for the next call-up, not the Asian Cup”

Veteran fullback Kim Tae-hwan has earned his first cap in seven months, and he emphasized that he will continue to work hard until the day he retires.

On November 11, Kim Tae-hwan attended an official interview at the Paju National Football Center (NFC) before the national team’s call-up training and shared his thoughts on joining the national team.

The first question asked of Kim was about his fashion. Kim, who has shown his unique fashion sense at every call-up, showed up in all-black and drew the attention of fans. “For me, it’s the most important place I want to come to, and it’s an important place. I wanted to show that attitude in my own way, and that’s the kind of mindset I have when I come dressed in the clothes I think are the best and coolest for the season,” he explained. However, he added, “The juniors didn’t talk about fashion at all,” causing the room to laugh.카지노사이트

When asked by the press if Klinsmann emphasized anything to the defenders, he said, “We didn’t have a one-on-one meeting, but I think it’s the same thing. First of all, he wants to keep a clean sheet because you can only win if you don’t concede goals, and he wants you to compete strongly with the opponent and win.”

Kim Tae-hwan, meanwhile, is competing for a position with junior Seol Young-woo in the national team. “Once we won the gold medal, the juniors kept smiling,” he said. Thanks to that, the team atmosphere is good,” he says, then smiles, “Seol said he’s preparing a gift for me, so I’ll look forward to it.”

For the veteran, who is approaching his mid-30s, the upcoming Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup is likely to be his last international tournament. “What I want to achieve with the national team is to come to the national team until I hang up my soccer boots,” he said. “What I want to achieve in the national team is to be in the national team until the day I hang up my boots.” “I’m not looking at the Asian Cup, I’m looking at the next call-up,” he emphasized. “I’m not looking at the Asian Cup, I’m looking at the next national team call-up. Of course, I have to do well,” he explained.

The following is a one-on-one interview with Kim Tae-hwan.

  • Every time you are called up to the national team, your colorful fashion is a hot topic. You seem to care a lot about it.
    For me, it’s the place I want to be, the most important place. It’s to show my own attitude towards it. It’s like, “I’m going to come dressed in what I think is the best, coolest outfit for that season.
  • What was the reaction from your peers?
    They didn’t talk about fashion at once.
  • Your cafe is doing well, but if you had any tips, what would they be?
    It’s because of the love from the people of Ulsan and our fans. I’m always grateful.
  • Is there any particular emphasis that Klinsmann puts on the defense and is there any criticism of the defense after conceding set pieces like the last game against El Salvador?
    First of all, the coach hasn’t asked me to do anything specific. But I think it’s the same for the defense. First of all, we need to not concede goals to win, and he wants us to be strong against the opponent and win.
  • Seol Young-woo and his juniors are back from the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games with a gold medal, but what’s the mood like?
    They were smiling all the time. It made the team feel good.
  • I’m sure Seol Young-woo, who plays in the same position, is smiling a lot, but did you talk to him about it?
    I told him congratulations, and Young-woo said he has a gift for me, so we’ll see.
  • What did you talk about with Uhm Won-sang?
    I’m going to go back to the team and meet with him.
  • At the last FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, you said that if you played, you would go up against Cristiano Ronaldo, but you didn’t make the national team.
    Of course, I would have loved to play, but it’s up to the coach to decide. Even though I didn’t play, I think I did a good job of setting the tone for the team and supporting the team from behind.
  • What do you hope to achieve with the national team in the future?
    My biggest goal and motivation is to be in the national team until I hang up my cleats. I will continue to challenge myself and work hard to make the national team until the day I retire.
  • I’m not too old and my days with the national team are numbered. It would mean a lot to you to win the Asian Cup.
    I’m not watching the Asian Cup. Instead, I’m looking at the next call-up. One step after another, one call-up after another, I think I’ll be able to go to the Asian Cup naturally. Of course, it’s important that I take good care of my body.

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