“Future unclear in Toronto, but one-year deal with ML team makes sense”…Two months after confirming his health, Ryu still has work to do in the big leagues

It’s been a short two months, but Ryu Hyun-jin, 36, is healthy. It’s unclear if he’ll be able to continue with the Toronto Blue Jays, but Ryu is still considered a competitive player in the major leagues.

After undergoing Tommy John surgery on his elbow last June, Ryu returned in August after a 14-month absence. It was unclear whether the pitcher, who is in his mid-30s, would be able to overcome a year-long absence after Tommy John surgery. Justin Verlander (Houston) had Tommy John surgery at an improbable age and came back stronger than ever, winning the 2022 Cy Young Award. But Ryu had Tommy John surgery after his second high school season, and he’s also had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder and remove the labrum bone in his elbow since reaching the majors. It was natural to question his comeback.

But Ryu proved everyone wrong. In his first two months back, Ryu showed that he was healthy. In 11 games, he went 3-3 with a 3.46 ERA (20 earned runs in 52 innings), 38 strikeouts and 14 walks. His presence in the second half helped stabilize Toronto’s starting rotation. It helped them clinch a wild-card berth. Toronto was skeptical of Ryu’s return, but he exceeded expectations and turned those question marks into exclamation points.

Ryu, who signed a four-year, $80 million contract with Toronto ahead of the 2020 season, was in the final year of his deal this year. Injuries and surgeries have made it hard to say he’s lived up to his four-year contract. He was not included in the roster for the wild-card series against the Minnesota Twins, and his last appearance was against Tampa Bay on April 1 (3 innings, 2 runs) as Toronto was swept in the series.

Many locals are curious about Ryu’s future. Ben Nicholson-Smith, a reporter for Sportsnet Canada, said on May 5 (KST) that Ryu wants to sign with a major league team. The possibility of returning to the KBO cannot be ruled out, but for now, Ryu expressed his desire to stay in the major leagues.

The past two months have confirmed Ryu’s competitiveness. Although he was a pitcher who went against the era of fastballs, he proved that he could survive and be strong in the major leagues with his control and experience.

On June 6, MLBTR reported on Ryu’s future, saying, “It seems reasonable for him to sign with a major league club as a starting option in free agency.” The veteran has a long injury history, but he was effective when healthy, posting a 3.27 ERA and 3.53 FIP in his debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013. Given his performance since his return and his recent surgery, it makes sense to sign him to a one-year deal.

Ryu has expressed his intention to remain in the major leagues, but it is unclear if he will stay with Toronto. “His future in Toronto is unclear at this point,” said MLBTR, predicting that the last start of the regular season would be Ryu’s last in Toronto.카지노사이트

The team is still competitive. Can the drama of ‘Human Triumph’ that Ryu Hyun-jin writes continue to be aired in the major leagues? Ryu still has some work to do in the major leagues.

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