“Please look forward to it.” The inner life of a genius hitter who has experienced the old saying… This time it’s really different

He has the skills to compete in international competitions. However, each time I was involved in a controversy, I suffered.

Will this time be different? The Asian Games baseball team, led by coach Ryu Jung-il, arrived at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou, China, on Aug. 28.

“Please have high expectations,” was Kang Baek-ho’s first thought upon arriving in Hangzhou. “I want to make a good showing from the first game,” he added. He wanted to put all his past nightmares behind him.

For Kang Baek-ho, this is his fourth Taegeuk mark. Starting with the 2019 WBSC Premier 12, he was selected for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) before being named to the Asian Games squad. He is the most internationally experienced player in the squad, which features 19 uncapped players with a focus on players under the age of 24.

He has already proven that he can hit at the international level, going 5-for-14 (7 RBI) at the last WBC. However, the aftermath of his third consecutive first-round exit at the WBC hit him hard, and he was given a break from the second team.캡틴토토

In the six regular-season games before joining the national team, he adjusted his bat, hitting a blistering 3-for-6 (9-for-25).

“I’m not the youngest on this team. I’m in good shape, and the younger players (in this squad) are the ones who will represent Korea in the future.”

Kang is a proven international hitter. He was a pillar of his team’s batting lineup at both the Tokyo Olympics (3-for-8) and WBC (5-for-5). However, he has been plagued by unfortunate controversies, including an unfortunate on-field behavioral issue and a ceremonial death.

With Lee Jung-hoo out of the lineup, Kang Baek-ho is the key bat to lead the Korean batting order alongside Noh Si-hwan. While he is prepared to play the outfield in the event of an emergency, he prefers to focus on his batting as a designated hitter for now.

“Our players are very confident. We have a very solid player base. I have high expectations. I will do my best while having fun,” he emphasized.

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