‘Suddenly parting ways with head coach Kim Byung-soo’ Suwon’s game-changer is ‘Living Legend’ Yi Ki-hoon’s acting regime

The firefighter Samsung chose for the crisis was “Living Legend” Yeom Ki-hoon, 40, a playing coach.

Suwon, the “lowest-ranked” player, pulled out the knife. The team has decided to part ways with coach Kim Byung-soo. “Suwon has decided to part ways with coach Kim Byung-soo,” an official familiar with the K League’s affairs told Sports Chosun on the 25th. The club and Kim talked about the move on the 25th, and Kim reportedly packed his bags. This means that Kim, who was appointed on May 4, will be dismissed in disgrace in less than five months. Suwon, which has been battling relegation this season, has already had two coaches pack their bags, following Lee Byung-geun earlier this year.

Suwon is in the worst possible situation. They are in last place with 22 points. This season’s K League 1 is a ‘1+2’ system. The last place team is relegated directly, while the 10th and 11th place teams play a playoff. Avoiding the bottom of the table is a priority. But things haven’t been going well lately. They’ve lost four in a row, while 11th-place Gangwon FC (25 points) has been picking up points and widening the gap. After a series of lethargic games, including a 0-1 loss against Daegu FC despite having the numerical advantage, and a 1-3 defeat against Daejeon Hana Citizens due to a frustrating performance, the sense of crisis grew even more.

Starting with the 0-3 loss to Jeonbuk Hyundai on May 10, Kim sat on the Suwon bench and hasn’t been able to rebound since his appointment. In 22 matches since his appointment, the team has only won five, drawn five and lost 12. After an initial 2-2 start, Kim’s side fell into a nine-match winless streak (four draws and five losses), and while they seemed to come back to life with wins over Ulsan Hyundai and Gangwon FC, they soon slipped back into the doldrums. In seven games, they won one, drew one, and lost five. Recently, they have lost four in a row.

Kim switched to practical soccer instead of ‘bottle ball’ and chased results. Of course, he also tried to improve his squad. In the summer transfer market, he brought in Kazuki, Weric Pofo, Kim Joo-won, and Kim Gum-yeol to make changes. Although there were some improvements in performance, the expected results were not produced. There were problems with the squad itself, such as injuries and declining fitness, but there were also voices of disappointment with Kim’s mercenary tactics, such as lineup selection, substitutions, and strategy.카지노사이트

With relegation looming, there was no more time to wait. Suwon made another move, and it was to change the coach.

Suwon had a lot on his plate, and he had an immediate replacement in mind. Surprisingly, it was Coach Yeom Ki-hoon. Coach Yeom is a self-explanatory Suwon legend. He joined Suwon in 2010 and played for the club for 13 years, excluding his military service. He played 332 games in a Suwon uniform, scoring 49 goals and providing 87 assists. He helped the team win three FA Cups. As of this season, he has transitioned into a playing coach. This year, Yeom began training for his P-class license. He has no problem sitting on the bench right now.

Knowing that they needed a miracle to stay up, Suwon took a gamble on Yeom, who had no experience, as their acting head coach. He knew what was going on inside and could wake up the players.

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