Even a nurturing plan…Boston saw the light.

At first, I didn’t even believe in myself. “No, why me?” I asked myself, “I’m going to the United States. It wasn’t until the contract was stamped that he realized, “I’m a member of the Boston Red Sox.”

We recently met with Lee Chansol (18), a third-year right-handed pitcher at Seoul High School who signed a minor league contract with the prestigious Boston Red Sox. “When I saw the team’s facilities, I thought it was a good idea to sign with them,” said Lee, who recently returned from a tour of the United States. I was able to see the advanced environment of the major leagues that I had only heard about. Even though it was a rookie league, all the facilities were perfect, from training fields to locker rooms to swimming pools.”

Lee Chansol is a prospect that scouts from each KBO team have been watching closely. He can throw a fastball up to 150 kilometers per hour and a variety of pitches, including a slider, cutter, and changeup. He also has a solid physique, standing at 1.85 meters tall and weighing 88 kilograms. With these strengths, he was expected to be a top pick in the 2024 KBO First-Year Player Draft on Sept. 14, but his destination changed last month when he signed a minor league contract with Boston.

Boston had been interested in Lee since May, and the deal was finalized last month. “I didn’t believe it at first. I couldn’t believe that they wanted to sign me after my poor performance this year,” he said. “The scout from Boston showed me my development plan in detail. I was convinced when I saw the densely organized materials.”

Last month, Lee visited the team’s training center in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. It was here that his interest and affection for Boston grew. “There were Boston emblems everywhere,” he says. I was told that it was to foster pride, and in the same vein, the team staff advised me to ‘always wear the team’s uniform.’ After staying for a few days, my admiration for Fenway Park (Boston’s home stadium) with its history and tradition grew even more.”토스카지노

Seoul High coach Yoo Jung-min, who has coached Lee for the past three years, said, “(Lee) has a good physique and excellent athletic ability. I believe he will do well in the future.” “I hope to be on a major league mound in three to four years,” Lee said.

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