“Pitchcomb is the most adaptable!” Ryu Hyun-jin on his best friend Janson

Toronto Blue Jays catcher Danny Jansen, who has been with Hyun-jin Ryu in all of his appearances since his return, spoke about his partner.

“He’s been really good so far,” Jansen said in an interview following the Blue Jays’ 8-3 home win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday (Sept. 27) at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ryu earned the win after going 5+ innings, allowing three runs (two earned) on four hits and two walks with five strikeouts. He has a 2.25 ERA in five games since his return.

“I’m mixing up my pitches,” Jansen said. I have a fastball on the body, a changeup and a curveball on the inside and outside. “He’s showing great command to the corners of the strike zone. I’m having a lot of fun with him so far,” he said of Ryu’s pitching.

When asked what has changed since his return, Ryu said, “The biggest thing is the command on the ‘extension side,’ the outside for lefties and the inside for righties. I’m trying to solidify that. He’s showing really good fastball command right now.”

“He’s got good fastball command, and he’s got a plus off-speed pitch that he’s been using to keep hitters off balance. He’s keeping hitters off balance with that.”

“I wanted to give him some breathing room because there was a lot of movement ahead of him, and the bullpen was warming up, so I was trying to buy some time,” he said of his brief mound conversation with Jose Ramirez in the sixth inning, “but at the same time, I wanted to make sure I didn’t get hit by a pitch, so I double-checked my game plan.”

Major League Baseball has been using pitch clocks to limit pitching time since this season, and has introduced a device called a pitchcom that allows autographs to be exchanged between batteries to cut down on the time spent signing.

When asked how Ryu is adjusting to the new equipment, Jansen gave a thumbs-up, saying, “He’s doing really well.”

He explains that while the catcher still has the option to choose the pitch, Ryu has a button that allows him to choose the pitch at the same time, and he uses it to communicate. When Ryu presses something on his waist during a pitch, he’s using the pitchcom.토스카지노

“He still gives me the authority to call the pitches,” Jansen said. We’re trying to be on the same page as much as possible. I’m trying to be on the same page as much as possible. If he shakes his head twice, he’ll call the pitch himself (by pressing a button). That way, he doesn’t break his rhythm and keeps his pitch clock.”

He praised Ryu’s adaptability, saying he’s handling the new equipment “like a pro.” “It’s a little weird, but that’s baseball today,” he said with a big smile before leaving the clubhouse.

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