Doosan’s Yang Suk-hwan and Kiwoom’s Song Sung-moon batting at No. 4 on the eve of ‘Seniority Calls’…and it turns out they’re actually senior managers.

‘The moment the atmosphere on the field suddenly changed to a barracks’ At a gesture from senior Yang Seok-hwan, junior Song Sung-moon ran with his bat.

It’s the 23rd at Gocheok Sky Dome before the second game of a midweek three-game series between the Kiwoom Heroes and Doosan Bears. As the home team Kiwoom’s batting practice was winding down, the visiting Doosan players arrived on the field.

After unpacking their gear in the dugout, the Doosan players took the field one by one and began to warm up. Yang Seok-hwan appeared to be relaxed and looking for someone. Song Sung-moon, who had finished his training and was still swinging in front of the first base dugout, ran over with a smile on his face when Yang called out to him.토토사이트

It turns out they were senior and junior, having worked together as managing directors. When the senior Yang Seok-hwan called out to him, Song Sung-moon ran to greet him. It seems that Yang Seok-hwan, the senior, took good care of the junior, Song Seong-moon. They had a great time, laughing at each other’s jokes.

During their conversation, Yang even took a few swings at Song’s bat to see if he liked it.

The day before, Doosan’s Yang Seok-hwan and Kiwoom’s Song Sung-moon batted together in the No. 4 spot. Yang went 2-for-4 with a home run and two RBIs, while Song went 1-for-4 with a home run and a run scored. Yang had the first laugh as Doosan won 6-1.

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