‘Sangsang Lee Mong’ Lee Kang-in, first toward Klinsman… “It is possible to participate in the Asian Games”

A match for the national soccer team and the Asian Games are scheduled for next month. In the meantime, director Klinsman and director Hwang Seon-hong have been fighting over Lee Kang-in, but now it has been sorted out. First of all, join Klinsmann.

This is reporter Seok Min-hyeok.

It stabs a kill pass with one touch and aims for a goal with a sharp shot.

Lee Kang-in is Klins Man-ho’s new ace.

Of course, Lee Kang-in is also desperate for Hwang Seon-hong, the coach of the Asian Games.

In the midst of PSG’s cooperation in Asian Games, Hwang Seon-Hong Ho also announced the convocation training while Klins Man-ho played two consecutive matches in Europe during the A-match period in September.

Hwang Seon-hong
“We’re going to convene as a full team, but there’s no problem with the A-match period. It’s mandatory

. “

Klinsman said
, “If I join the Asian Games with two victories and confidence, I will be able to achieve good results.”

He emphasized that there will be no problem even if joining the competition is delayed.

Klinsman said
: “There is time to train. Kangin has no problem adjusting. Ten minutes is enough. They know each other well.”토스카지노

For Lee Kang-in, whose military service problem has not been resolved, the key is to join Hangzhou as soon as possible and adapt.

Ace’s shoulders, which are often called upon, are already heavy.

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