“We need a lead that the 13th pitcher can’t stop” SSG in Crisis, Catcher Reprimanded Entry Replacement

“Ever since I was a coach, I’ve always asked my catchers. I want them to give us a lead that we can hold on to until the 13th pitcher comes up. That’s where we fell short yesterday.”

The defending champions face their biggest crisis of the season. They now have to defend second place before they can make a run at first. Resignation After losing three games in a row, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung made the decision to leave his main catcher out of the lineup. Catcher Kim Min-sik, rookie pitcher Shin Heon-min, and veteran infielder Oh Tae-gon were dropped from the roster, and Lee Jae-won, Kim Ju-on, and Jeon Eui-san were promoted to the first team.

“I wanted to give the players who were sent down some time to clear their heads,” Kim said before the game against LG in Munhak on the 18th. Min-sik’s absence will be filled by Jae-won for the time being. Taegon-i was sent down because he had hamstring discomfort,” and “Joo-on-i is getting better in the second team, so I moved him up. I’ve always been disappointed with his fastball, but he hasn’t been giving up runs lately. We’re having trouble with strikeouts, and I hope that can change.”

SSG lost all three games against Lotte and Sajik from April 15-17. On the other hand, KT’s five-game winning streak pushed SSG to second place, tied with third-place KT. The rankings could change depending on the outcome of today’s game.

In addition to the previous day’s result, Kim also expressed his disappointment in the game. He felt that Kim Min-sik’s lead was not right when second-year Shin Heon-min took the mound late in the game.

“Ever since I was a coach, I always asked the catchers to do their job. I asked them to give me a lead that I could protect even if the 13th pitcher came up. Yesterday, I was very disappointed in this part.” “He worked hard in the second team and came up with results. It hurts to see him go back to the second team after one day. In this situation, I told the catchers to make sure that even if there is a big lead, the pitcher can throw the best ball, the ball that can be blocked. Yesterday, Min-sik just called a pitch to end the game quickly, and that made it harder for him.”

The timing of his return is clear. With the expanded roster starting in September, both starters and backups will be on the roster by September at the latest. “It’s not a management decision,” Kim said. I just want them to cool their heads and do better when they come back,” said Kim, looking forward to their performance after their return.토토사이트

SSG’s lineup was Choo Shin-soo (designated hitter), Choi Ji-hoon (center field), Choi Jeong (third base), Choi Joo-hwan (second base), Kang Jin-seong (first base), Kim Sung-hyun (shortstop), Han Yu-seom (right field), Ha Jae-hoon (left field), and Cho Hyung-woo (catcher). The starting pitcher is McCarty.

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