“Excluded from the roster? That’s not the case.” The commander who drew the line… The KBO position is.

“I don’t know what else to say.”

One of the best outfielders in the league with stellar defense, long bat, and clutch. The KT Wiz outfielder has decided to take the ‘school violence’ controversy aimed at him head-on.

KT will play the final game of the midweek series against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium on Sunday.

When asked before the game, KT manager Lee Kang-cheol said, “Was there any position taken by the club, such as excluding the squad from the first team?” “There is no such situation. There is no comment from the club,” he said.

A representative from KT also said, “There have been several talks between the team and the parties. We are trying to reach an agreement, so please wait a little longer.”

The KBO, which is not a law enforcement agency, can only take action within the scope of the rules after a player enters the professional ranks. “It is up to the club to decide whether to use the player’s roster spot or apologize,” said a KBO official. “The KBO can issue disciplinary action based on the rules, but the rules cannot be applied to something that happened when the player was not part of the KBO League, such as this incident. However, we have communicated this fact to the club.”

“It is true that the informant recently filed a complaint with the Clean Baseball Center,” he added, “and it is not a situation where a court has made a judicial decision on the matter.”

KT is 8-2 in its last 10 games. They’ve gone from last place in the league with a -14 win-loss margin to +10 and third in the league. They are literally on a roll.

Choi Jae-dae is leading the team with his best bat, going 3-for-7 with a .904 OPS in the second half of the season, including a two-run homer the day before. Without Kang Baek-ho and Park Byung-ho, he is the centerpiece of the team’s batting lineup.

Recently, however, there have been reports online that he was bullied by a teammate at Seongnam High School in 2012. In addition to online, the same claims have been made to KT and the KBO Clean Baseball Center. The first-year captain was beaten with a bat by the second-year captain during a training camp in Taiwan, and he gave up baseball because of the violence, including punching Myung-chee and being stepped on several times.

The controversy had already surfaced in May and was the reason why Bae was not immediately promoted to the first team after returning from injury. At the time, Bae took matters into his own hands, but was unable to reach an agreement with the parties.토토사이트

Prior to the game, Bae addressed the situation on social media. “There was a group slap led by the seniors in the third grade, and I gave the slap as the sophomore captain. We hit the juniors’ buttocks with three bats each,” he said, emphasizing that he apologized to the juniors after the kicking and that there was no assault or profanity afterward. “I sincerely reflected and regretted uncritically accepting the bad habits that had been passed down from the athletic department,” he added.

The squad also emphasized that they have confirmed the facts with juniors who were present at the training camp and have come forward with statements.

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