Advice for Han Dong-hee Lee Jae-won Kim Seok-hwan Jeon Eui-san Oh Young-soo “It’s the age of OPS… but not everyone can be Lee Seung-yup Choi”

The age of OPS. Even if your batting average is a little lower, you’re more likely to be called up if you have a high OBP than in the past.

But there is a difference. If not a triple-digit hitter, at least a mid-to-low double-digit hitter. It’s hard to give a Mendoza lineup that’s in the low 20s a consistent chance.

Kim Won-hyung, who led the SSG Landers to the championship last year, made it clear what he thinks of Geopo’s development.

“It wasn’t a concept of giving players like Lee Seung-yeop or Choi Jung, who hit over 400 home runs in their career, a chance to develop. They were all hitters who hit the ball well. Look at the batting averages of the players who made a name for themselves in the Korean Baseball Organization. They all hit triple digits, or at least double digits, and the only one who didn’t hit was Park, who I played with, because he was a catcher.”

Mee-wan’s advice for young catching prospects like Jeon, who is still in the Futures League, whose teams have high hopes for them.

Lotte’s Han Dong-hee, LG’s Lee Jae-won, KIA’s Kim Seok-hwan, and NC’s Oh Young-soo are some of the top prospects who will lead the Korean professional baseball team in the future.

They are. The top home run leaders all have high batting averages.

The leader, Lee Seung-yup, is 3-for-2, and second-place Choi Jung is 2-for-8. Third-place Lee Dae-ho is 3-for-9, and fourth-place KT’s Park Byung-ho is 2-for-7. Fifth-place KIA’s Choi Hyung-woo is at 3.1, and sixth-place member Yang Jun-hyuk is at a whopping 3.1. Coaches Jang Jong-hoon, Lee Ho-joon, Lee Bum-ho, and Shim Jung-soo have all hit 10 home runs for less than $2.70.

Using Jeon Eui-san as an example, Coach Kim said to the big-hitting prospects, “To be in that class, you must first have the ability to make contact and hit the ball. You have to be able to make contact with the bat to hit a home run. It’s doubtful that a player who can’t make contact will be able to maintain the feeling of long-hitting consistently.”

“You can’t be good at every ball and every pitch. You have to create your own mechanics that allow you to reliably clear the fence on certain pitches or pitches that you’re strong on.”토토사이트

While still in the Futures League, Jeon is batting 1 for 9 with three home runs in 38 games this season. Han Dong-hee, who is awaiting a call-up to the first team, has a 2.1-1.7 batting average with four home runs in 77 games, while Kim Seok-hwan is 1-for-14 in four games. Lee Jae-won, bouncing between the first and second teams, is 2-for-3 with three home runs, while Oh Young-soo is 2-for-2 with three home runs in the Futures League.

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