‘Injury’ Lee Jeong-hoo and ‘last place’ Kium’s depressing season…but the post clock is still ticking, SD ‘mouth-watering’ again

For Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom), the best hitter in the KBO, 2023 is a year full of regrets. After this season, he will try his hand at the Major League Baseball through the posting system (closed competitive bidding), but he hasn’t done his homework.

Lee Jung-hoo, who has dominated the league with his hitting to the point where he no longer needs to list records, threw down the gauntlet this season. He was already one of the best hitters in the game, but he changed his batting form to make it even better. It was a risky move, but one he knew he had to make if he wanted to be competitive in the major leagues. He performed well in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) before the season. The batting form correction seemed to be working.

However, once the season got underway, an inexplicable slump ensued. Even though his overall performance details, such as bat speed, remained at or above last year’s level, things didn’t go as planned, as he was striking out on well-hit pitches and increasing his foul rate. It was a vicious cycle that left Lee somewhat flustered, and by April, his batting average had dropped to .218 in 22 games. It was an unbelievable performance.

He didn’t let that stop him. In May, he started to improve and seemed to find his groove. In May, he hit .305, and in June, he hit .374. Once he found his groove, he took off. In 13 games in July, he hit .435. With his form at its peak, he was on a mission to improve his team Kiwoom’s performance and raise his salary. But then injury struck, and the worst happened.

On July 22, Lee felt pain in his ankle while defending against Gocheok Lotte, and after a medical examination, he was told he would need three months of rehabilitation. It was clear that she would not be able to play the rest of the season. His participation in the Hangzhou Asian Games in October was also in doubt. Not only did Lee come under fire, but so did his team, Kiwoom. This is where Lee is likely feeling the most self-pity.

After overcoming adversity to reach the Korean Series last year, Kiwoom saw this year as a chance to make a statement. Lee’s move to the major leagues after the season was a foregone conclusion, so it was time to make one last push for the big leagues with this key player. Indeed, Kiwoom bolstered its roster in the transfer market ahead of the season by signing Won Jong-hyun and Lee Hyung-jong. It was a moment when Kiwoom, who is usually seen as a seller, suddenly became a buyer.

However, after Lee Jung-hoo’s departure, the team struggled at the plate and slipped to the bottom of the standings. On the 10th, they lost to their arch-rivals Lotte with 42 wins, 59 losses, and 3 draws, eventually losing the ninth spot to Samsung and falling to the bottom of the standings. Seeing their chances of making the postseason slipping after Lee’s injury, Kiwoom traded key starter Choi Won-tae to LG in exchange for prospects and draft picks. “They effectively gave up on the season and began preparing for the post-Lee Jung-hoo era,” according to industry observers.

Despite the twists and turns, Lee’s value hasn’t suffered much. While his ankle injury is certainly a bummer, Major League Baseball officials are already done evaluating him. We’ve been following him for more than three years, and we’ve seen his skills. This year’s trip to the big leagues will be a test of how much he’s improved on his weaknesses, which is why I don’t think it will affect his value much, if at all.

Major League Baseball teams are also interested. Numerous clubs have already filled out scouting reports on Lee, including some of the “big league” teams that can afford to spend big money. The same goes for San Diego, which has seen the benefits of Kim Ha-seong (28). The Dodgers are expected to enter the race to sign Lee, according to local media.

Dennis Lin, a San Diego reporter for The Athletic, a North American sports publication, said in a Q&A session with readers on Nov. 11, “The Padres could be looking to bring an international player to the U.S. this offseason, and Kim’s former teammate Lee Jung-hoo is an obvious candidate,” drawing attention to the possibility of San Diego signing an international player. Lin is a veteran San Diego reporter. He was able to get a first-hand account of the club’s interest in Lee.

“San Diego sent several high-level scouts to the Kiwoom Heroes outfielder before he suffered a season-ending ankle injury in July,” Lin said, adding that “some rival clubs see San Diego, which also signed Kim Ha-seong and Park Chan-ho, as the most likely candidate to sign Lee Jung-hoo.

San Diego is a team with strong ties to Korean players and deep connections to KBO officials. The Dodgers are well versed in Asian affairs, and were one of the first teams to closely monitor KBO stars during the Kim Hae-Sung signing. In addition to Kim, the team has recently signed foreign players who played in the KBO, including Wilmer Font, Preston Tucker, and Angel Sanchez, to minor league contracts. It’s one more indication that the organization has always had a strong interest in the KBO.토토사이트

‘It remains to be seen how (Lee’s) ankle injury will affect his market,’ Lin said. Unfortunately, it could lower his price,” Lin summarized.

With the team’s payroll currently full, San Diego may not be able to afford another big-ticket signing. However, the team is unhappy with the performance of their current center fielder, Trent Grisham, especially his offense, and could use an outfield addition if they waive Juan Soto. This is a team that could be looking at Lee as an option for a number of situations.

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