Nerves, excitement ahead of long trip…women’s baseball team departs for Canada in showdown

“Endless challenges, higher and higher!”

The South Korean women’s national baseball team departed for Thunder Bay, Canada, on June 6 at Incheon International Airport.

The team will begin the 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup (WBSC) Qualifiers on Sept. 9 against Hong Kong. The team will be competing in a real world tournament with more countries than the 2023 Asian Baseball Confederation (BFA) Women’s Asian Cup.

As the players gathered at the airport, they seemed to be a mixture of nervousness and excitement. After checking in, they spent time with their teammates, catching up and taking pictures. They were all smiles and excited to be competing, even if it meant traveling about 20 hours from Toronto to Thunder Bay.

South Korea’s women’s baseball team is ranked 10th in the world. They will have to advance to the Super Round against a strong field that includes Canada (3rd), USA (4th), Australia (8th), Hong Kong (11th), and Mexico (12th).

“We have a lot of responsibility,” said Yang Sang-moon, head coach of the Korean Women’s National Team. There are many difficult situations, including the conditions, but there is no need to make excuses. “We have a lot of pressure, but on the other hand, we also have a lot of thoughts, such as whether we can do well,” she said, adding, “We have the desire to show that Korean women’s baseball is not inferior on the world stage.토토사이트

The newest addition to the national team, pitching coach Yoo Won-sang, said, “(Lee) Dong-hyun joined (the coaching staff) as a donation of talent after his brother contacted me. At first, I thought it was easy, but the players had a lot of enthusiasm. I felt very rewarded,” he said, adding, “I don’t know how much I can help because I’ve only been with the team for a month, but I’ll do my best to help them win games.”

South Korea, meanwhile, will begin their fight for a ticket to the knockout stages with their opening match against Hong Kong on September 9 at 0:30.

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